Resistance tubes training: If you want to do resistance tube routines to strengthen your muscles, there are some things to consider:

Resistance tubes or elastic bands are very practical and versatile accessories for doing strength exercises, they are excellent substitutes for weights. They also do not damage the floor in the house, anyone can use it and are portable, so you will be able to take them on a trip.

In a later post, we will see several routines using resistance tubes to exercise the main body muscles. You will learn how to use resistance tubes in different complete routines for different muscle groups.

Resistance tubes or elastic bands come in handy especially when you cannot go to the gym, when you travel a lot and especially when you want to exercise without going to another place if you are at home, in the office or in a hotel.

Routines with resistance tube to strengthen muscles.

Resistance tubes come in several models of different resistance levels. If you are a beginner I recommend the milder or intermediate.

You can combine routines with your own body weight, such as weights, pull-ups, etc., incorporating the elastic band to cause greater difficulty and achieve more benefits.

Resistance tube routines have become very popular among women who just want to tone their muscles to avoid sagging in arms, legs, abs and buttocks. They are also very useful for weight loss routines.

Benefits of training with resistance tubes

Depending of the hardness of our elastic band, the intensity and frequency with which we work our different muscle groups, the strength we make, allows us to build muscle mass which means that we become stronger, burn fat and tone our muscles.

Doing strength exercises allows you not to lose a lot of muscle mass with age, in addition to a better blood irrigation, improves our optimism, our bone system becomes stronger, we can look younger and improve our metabolism.

You can be in shape training at home using very little time and money. It can be done by anyone, no matter their age or their physical form, you just need to have the desire to exercise every day even if you do not have time to go to the gym.

How often should we use the resistance tube?

Strength exercises should be performed at least 2 – 3 times a week, at least 20 – 30 minutes at a time. All muscle groups must be worked out, for which you need a training plan that includes resistance tubes. Intensity and frequency are important, your muscles must be fatigued after training.

If you are new to doing strength exercises, keep in mind that the elastic bands are safer than the weights, you will have less chance of injury, but you must increase intensity little by little. First warm up before any exercises. It is much better if you consult with a coach the first time you use them.

Types of exercises that can be done with a resistance tube

The resistance bands are very versatile and adapt to all types of exercises. It can practically strengthen all the muscles of your body, as we will see in another post.

Important to take precautions

For all types of exercises the first thing is the warming up of about 5 to 10 minutes, and at the end you should always stretch the muscles worked. In addition, resistance bands come with safety instructions that you should always keep in mind to avoid injury.

Try to use the elastic band on floors that are not abrasive, not to damage the band, and when you do your routines pays full attention to the technique. If you are a beginner do not make very sudden movements, the band can escape your hands.

Perform all exercise by adopting the proper posture. This is essential to avoid injury and to get the most benefits. We will try to perform the exercise always looking in a mirror or with a partner, as this way we can correct errors of both execution and postural, especially during our first workouts. As we build up experience this step will become less necessary.

The movements that we make should not be sudden or explosive in any case. The concentric movement (when we initiate the effort) is performed at a speed between normal and somehow fast and, when we perform the eccentric phase (when we return to the initial position) we should not let ourselves be driven by the traction of the elastic band, but we should return in a controlled manner. The repetitions that we must perform will depend on the type of exercise, muscle and sport that we want to work on, being aware of our limitations.

If we want to work the muscle resistance we should perform a high number of repetitions, around 20. If we want to tone, we should work a range of repetitions between 12-15. With less than 12 repetitions we would enter the working range of muscular hypertrophy, although for the latter purpose, the most indicated would be a combined routine of weights and elastic bands.

If the user is not familiar with doing sports, he should start slowly with the use of elastic bands, to prevent muscle injury.


It is convenient to apply a certain amount of talcum powder to the band before beginning our training. This will prevent the belt from sticking when folded after sweating.

In the case of dirt or the band becomes sticky we must wash it with water and soap (not aggressive), dry it and apply talcum powder.

Before performing any exercise, we must verify that the band is not cracked, has holes or any other imperfection that can cause breakage. Furthermore, we must be careful not to manipulate it near sharp objects, such as rings, jewelry, etc.

To prevent the latex from losing its natural elasticity, keep the bands dry and protected from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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Resistance tubes training: If you want to do resistance tube routines to strengthen your muscles, there are some things to consider: Resistance tubes or elastic bands are very practical and versatile accessories for doing strength exercises, they are excellent substitutes for weights. They also do not damage the floor in the house, anyone can use […]

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