A long break like the one for the summer holidays is a good time to re-evaluate your goal, your training schedule or your meal plan.
Having been away for a while will give you an “outsider” perspective on daily things that you normally don’t see since you are trapped in the routine. Wonder what’s the best workout for shedding the holiday fat? To get leaner, it’s necessary to plan both your diet and training program. Here are some tips for a great restart.


1. Start small
Like really, ridiculously small. It takes less than you think to challenge your body and start inspiring changes. But you should mainly start small because your biggest friend right now is: momentum. Starting small makes sticking with it more likely and will provide small wins that build confidence and add momentum. You were on your workout game before the break and your body will respond fast upon its return to your usual routine. Consider scaling back the intensity from what you are used too so you don’t get injured (which will sideline you for longer…trust me on this) and be patient so your body has the chance to adapt. Resist the urge to starve yourself, cleanse, or cardio-overload yourself to faster results-it won’t work.

2. Just do it

Start today…the time will pass anyway. Re-establish your old working schedule and get back to the gym as soon as you can. Experience the rush of good emotions you’ll get from a good workout and accomplishing small but important goals.

3. Set a schedule

Schedule your workouts, meals or hike dates like they are your important meetings at work that you would never miss.

4. Give it 72 hour

When you get back on track, you have a 72 hour period of effort regardless of progress. Just because you were ‘perfect’ on Monday after a bad weekend doesn’t mean it will show Tuesday morning. Don’t sabotage yourself by getting discouraged after a day and slipping up again and having it turn into an ‘off’ week.

5. Next time take a shorter break and choose Ryher Sports

All our products can find a place in your suitcase, you really need little space to take them with you and you don’t need the gym to keep working out. Even 20 minutes a day can make all the difference. Start now, buy the best product for your training and use it at home. It will become part of your routine.

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