Training at home is one of the most widespread practices for the days with low temperatures. For these homemade routines you can set up a home gym with any of these machines or elements, or you can incorporate a series of exercises with elastic bands to work the entire body with intensity You can […]

  Pull up Bands can help you get over the strength gap that’s keeping you back from achieving dead hang pull ups The pull up bands progression series relies on standard fitness resistance bands to offset some of your bodyweight and make pull ups easier. By doing reps with the bands, you improve your strength […]

  A long break like the one for the summer holidays is a good time to re-evaluate your goal, your training schedule or your meal plan. Having been away for a while will give you an “outsider” perspective on daily things that you normally don’t see since you are trapped in the routine. Wonder what’s […]

When it comes time to potty train a puppy or even housebreaking an adult or older dog, the case is similar to having kids, and specifically toddlers that like to “mark” the territory all over home. The process of puppy potty training can get messy, smelly and sometimes frustrating. Here’s the best plan of action […]

By cooking mature stalks of bamboo at temperatures around 1000º C, the hardy plant undergoes thermal decomposition and turns into bamboo charcoal. This dark grey and seemingly inert end product actually has a surprising range of uses. Historically, the myriad applications of bamboo charcoal date back many centuries, millennia even. We can trace the oldest […]

If you’re looking for a versatile, convenient and a cheaper tool for exercise, resistance loop bands are your best bet. The Loop Bands are very flexible and resistant elastic bands in latex, ring-closed. With the loop bands you can find exercises that can be performed in a few square meters without any type of equipment. […]

Las bandas elásticas de resistencia son ideales para aprender y facilitar un movimiento como las dominadas, estas pueden ser utilizadas para asistir la ejecución de un movimiento o su aprendizaje. Para un principiante, sirve para que el ejercicio sea más fácil para aprender el movimiento, fortalecer los musculos involucrados en el movimiento, y aumentar la cantidad de […]

Las bandas de resistencia estan hechas de materiales muy resistentes con sujetadores en las puntas, y vienen disponibles en una variedad de resistencias dependiendo de tu nivel físico. Con las bandas de resistencia, puedes hacer casi cualquier tipo de ejercicio de fuerza—press de pecho, remos, press de hombros, tríceps, curls de bíceps e incluso sentadillas—sin […]

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