Jump rope exercises are an easy and fun way to maintain a healthy body. These will not only help you lose weight and tone up your muscles, but also help increase your stamina.

Jump rope is an amazing exercise equipment. It’s portable and inexpensive. What’s more, you can regularly perform jump rope exercises to maintain a healthy body weight, and tone up the major muscles of upper and lower body.

Take a look at this 5 tips for your training and choose the one that fits you better!




1. Basic Jump Rope

• Keep your feet together and elbows close to your sides. Hold the rope and jump 1 to 2 inches off the floor.
• Swing the rope over your head in forward motion and slip it under feet as you jump.
• Make sure that just the balls of your feet touch the floor.
• Your wrist and forearms should move, but your shoulders should not.
• Continue for a minute. Rest for a minute and again repeat.
• Repeat this basic jump five times. Gradually increase the duration of jumping, while reducing the duration of intervals after every week.

2. Alternate Foot Jump

• This is like jogging on a place and swinging the rope at the same time.
• The rope will slip under one foot and then the other leg will be raised.
• The benefit of this exercise is that you perform double the number of skips in a particular amount of time, as compared to that in basic exercise.

3. Running

• This is similar to the previous exercise, but you don’t have to be on the same place.
• Here you have to run forward while you jump on the rope.
• Some people enjoy running backwards and performing this exercise. However, you would need more space to perform this fat burning exercise.

4. CrossFit Annie -Workout

• Many essential CrossFit workouts have names and this one is called Annie, but it’s okay if you just want to call it hard.
• You’ll do five sets total, each time doing 10 fewer reps than the previous set. There’s no rest between sets, just hammer through.
• Start with 50 double unders. If you can’t do multiple double unders, do two normal jumps (100 instead of 50) until you’re comfortable with double unders. Next, do 50 sit-ups. Then repeat until you’ve reached sets of 10.
• Here’s what that looks like:
• 50 double unders
• 50 sit-ups
• 40 double unders
• 40 sit-ups
• 30 double unders
• 30 sit-ups
• 20 double unders
• 20 sit-ups
• 10 double unders
• 10 sit-ups

5. The Do-Anywhere, Total-Body Workout

• By mixing jump rope exercises with bodyweight movements you can get a full body workout without a gym. Christy Johnson, a Portland, Oregon-based certified personal trainer says she often recommends jump rope-based workouts for time-crunched clients. “You don’t have to do it for very long to get a benefit,” she says.
• Set a timer for three minutes. For the first three minutes, cycle through doing 20 two-footed jumps, 20 jumps on the right foot, then 20 jumps on the left foot. When the three minutes is up, do one minute of air squats.
• Repeat this 3-to-1 routine five times, subbing in push-ups, plyo-lunges (jump from one leg to the other), tricep dips, and planks for the squats. With a few minutes of warm up and cool down, you’ve worked every major muscle group and burned hundreds of calories in less than 30 minutes.


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